Seattle’s Funnest Ski Shop

 (As of October, we have filled all of our openings for the 2016/17 season.  HOWEVER!  You never know when someone’s girlfriend, boyfriend or pet wildebeest will head off to New Brunswick and next thing we know we’ve got an opening – upstairs on the sales floor or downstairs mounting bindings and grinding skis.  So, if you are interested in working for us, don’t hesitate to come in or give a call.)

ProSki Seattle, just north of Greenlake on Aurora, is looking for an experienced sales person and skier to work with us this season. We’re flexible on days and hours. Full time help for the season would be great, but if you can only work weekends or afternoons, for the right person, we can make it happen. ProSki is both an alpine (downhill) and backcountry (alpine touring and telemark) ski shop. We don’t handle snowboards.

The day goes by in a hurry; we’re a busy ski shop with Seattle’s funnest and friendliest staff and there’s always something interesting to do. If we’re not working with customers fitting boots, selling skis, clothing and accessories, or setting up a rental package, there’s always more: restocking, pricing, waxing skis or putting away tried-on boots.

The perks are huge! As a ski shop employee you can purchase a season pass at massively reduced rates, plus you get way-below-wholesale pricing on gear and access to our rental and demo fleet of alpine and backcountry gear.

What we’re looking for:
– Retail selling experience. We need someone friendly, knowledgeable and able to close a sale. Most of all friendly and just as happy working with a family that skis 3 times a year as with a hard-core backcountry charger.
– A skier. If you have backcountry experience, that’s a plus, but the main thing is a real love of skiing.
– A hard worker. If there are no customers in the store, there’s LOTS to do.
– Available, reliable, local. We’re a really small shop, if an employee doesn’t show up on time due to traffic or other obligations, we’re in trouble and the other staff will have a really difficult day.
– Ability to learn. We don’t expect you to know everything (how to use our POS, how to set up rentals, everything there is to know about avalanche safety gear…) but we do expect you to be a good listener and learner.

This job involves reading, writing and conversing in English, climbing step-stools to get gear down from high places, carrying heavy skis up and down stairs and bending over to try boots on customers.

Compensation will be hourly, based on experience and qualifications.