ProSki Seattle Demo and Rental Fleet

With snow on the ground and more coming we’re able to send out more and more of our downhill and backcountry demo and rental skis. We’ve got significant numbers of RMUs and White Dots in demo along with Atomics, Black Diamonds, K2s, Blizzards, Dynafits and Rossis. Many of these skis have either tech (Dynafit) bindings or bindings with a walk mode like the Marker Duke, Baron or Tour. There’s also a good selection of skis with downhill bindings, both high-end demos and rentals.

We have skins available for many of the touring skis. If you’d like to rent a ski with skin, be sure to call ahead. If we don’t have the ski or the skin you need right now, we can get them ready by the time you need them.

Beacon/probe/shovel kits are available to rent for the day, the weekend or the week.

We also have a few split-board snowboards with skins in our rental fleet.

Here’s a list of our touring skis. Call us at 206 525 4425 to reserve gear. If you want to demo something that’s not on the list, be sure to give us a call too – we’re always adding to the fleet.