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Monday, May 5th for Cinco de Mayo

Spring Clearance ProSki Seattle

ProSki Seattle is your go-to ski shop for downhill and backcountry ski gear. With three new eager-to-please owners, the friendliest staff of ski experts in Seattle has got you covered with skis, boots, packs, clothes, helmets, avy gear and everything else you need to get you out there.

Whether you need a complete set up for your six-year-old starting ski school, light-weight AT gear for a week-long tour, new downhill boots or all-mountain skis, we’re here with what you need. You can buy or rent for the day, the week or the season. This year we have more than doubled our seasonal rental fleet with tons of brand-new skis, boots and poles. We have everything from tiny skis and boots for barely-walking first time skiers to wide, burly, park and powder friendly twin tips for teenagers.

Owners Mike, Trent and John are all Masterfit-trained boot fitters who can get your old boots working again, build you a custom foot-bed or find and fit the right new boot for you. When you buy a new boot from us with a good foot-bed, we guarantee the fit – punches, grinds, all the work is included.

Service is a huge part of what we do. Everything from a simple coat of wax to base repairs and stone-grinding – we can do it both for skis and snowboards. We have the equipment and the expertise to mount any binding – downhill, AT or telemark. Plus if you need it tomorrow, we will make that happen.

ProSki Seattle: whether you’re skiing downhill or up, Seattle’s friendliest ski shop will get you there.

J U S T   I N

White Dot Skis

White Dot skis are huge in Europe, especially in the backcountry and are rapidly gaining ground in North America. We’ve got two models, the Ranger and the Preacher—both are on the wall and in our demo fleet.

Ranger – An all-mountain but off-piste oriented ski, 108 under foot with tip rocker and a flat tail. Built light and with a metal tail-clip notch, it loves to go uphill, but is wide enough to float in powder and damp enough for icy chutes.
Ranger Carbonlite – Carbon construction, supple and skiable, and over ½ pound lighter per ski than the Ranger.
Preacher – A wide all mountain ski for the Northwest, 112 under foot, cambered but with a chunder-friendly tapered tip. Floaty and effortless in powder, it’s got a short turn radius, making it quick and ridiculously fun all over the hill.

RMU Skis – We’ve had great success with Rocky Mountain Underground skis in the past and this year we’ve got them back again. There’s even a pair of the next-year’s-model Super CRM on the wall, along with the Apostles, North Shores, Whole Enchiladas and CRMs. Now we’ve got our RMU demo fleet in place so you can give them a try (assuming you can wrestle them away from our staff).