We’ve got a huge ski selection this year including Armada, Atomic, Black Diamond, Blizzard, DPS, Dynafit, G3, K2, Line, Rossignol, RMU, Salomon, Voile and Volkl.  Here are all the skis we ordered new for the 2016/17 season, but this isn’t all!  We’ve got plenty of skis left over from prior years and can order pretty much any ski from any manufacturer if you want something we haven’t got.  Plus we’ve got new and used junior skis too numerous to mention.


ARV 86: Fun in pow, fun on groomed, fun in the park, fun in the chunder and so affordable they’re almost fun to pay for!

TST: A soft snow loving all mountain ski for the ripper who loves a ski with plenty of tip rocker and go-anywhere maneuverability.

JJ 2.0: The ultimate powder and crud machine perfect for plundering NW snow and snaking lines through the trees.

Invictus99Ti: Titanium for power and stability at speed, nose rocker for float in pow, the 99Ti defines all mountain fun.

Kufo 103: The backcountry brother of the TST, built light with loads of float and maneuverability to take on the tightest lines.

TSTw: A Light, quick, soft snow loving go-everywhere fun machine.

Tantrum: A light and maneuverable junior version of the TST. For the young skier, or smaller woman who wants a ski with no limits.  Fun all over the mountain, especially in pow.

Prior year’s skis we’ve still got in stock: ARV Ti, Coda, Declivity, El Rey, Invictus, Norwalk, JJ.


Vantage 95 C: Carbon Tank Mesh and full sidewall for edge grip and stability at speed, a just-right dose of tip rocker for float and maneuverability = one crazy-fun and versatile ski.

Backland FR 109: Wide and rockered enough for the deepest day, light enough to tour, powerful enough (with Carbon Backbone, camber under foot and Step Down Sidewall) to hold like a dog with a bone on hard snow.

Vantage 95 C W: Atomic’s top progressive all mountain ski for women. All the features of the men’s Vantage including carbon mesh and a super-light wood core for quickness and easy turning.

Cloud Seven & E Lithium 10 Binding: Designed tip to tail to suit the way women ski, at 71mm wide with a lightweight V-shape body, the Cloud Seven is the perfect ski for intermediates who love the groomed and an occasional foray into the bumps and crud.

Other Atomics: Bent Chetler, Automatic, Bent Chetler Junior.

Black Diamond

Helio 105: A full-on, super-light carbon backcountry ski offering technical precision and soft-snow performance, the versatile Helio 105 features a pre-preg carbon fiber layup and full ABS sidewall for balanced flex and edging power plus plenty of tip rocker and a 105mm width for float.

Helio 95: Same as the 105, only 95mm wide for a little better fit in the skin track and a little less ski to haul uphill.

Boundary 107: A playful freeride ski with a tip and tail rocker and a 107-mm waist, the Black Diamond Boundary 107 ski is fun and agile in-bounds or out, in pow or on the hard stuff. A great alpine all mountain ski and one of our best offerings for tele skiers.

Other Black Diamonds: Amperage, Element.


Bonafide: At 98mm under foot and a rocker-camber-rocker profile for float and edge-hold, 2 layers of titanium for power and dampness, and carbon in the tip and tail for lightning-quick turn initiation, the Bonafide is once again one of the best all mountain skis out there.

Brahma: With a width of 88mm the Brahma has all the features of the Bonafide, but at a narrower width more suitable for high-speed carving or smaller skiers.

Zero G 108: Finally, a truly affordable, ultra-lightweight carbon touring ski. Built with carbon drive technology and a paulownia wood core, the Zero G 108 ski may be the ultimate backcountry powder slayer.

Zero G 95: Same as the 108, just that much narrower, lighter and spring-snow friendly.

Samba: 98mm under foot with carbon throughout, the Samba is light enough to be quick and easy-turning, but with a wide rockered tip, floaty enough to handle deep powder and bust through crud.

Black Pearl: 88mm wide and as versatile as skis get, the Black Pearl ski offers up pure, versatile fun for the intermediate to expert female skier. Carbon-light with camber under foot, this ski is a perennial ski-test winner.

Zero G W 85: Crazy-light with carbon and a paulownia wood core, this ski makes your uphill trek as effortless as can be. With subtle rocker in the tip and camber under foot, the Zero G W 85 is a true backcountry one ski quiver.

Cochise Jr: For the young ripper that’s ready to move past basic kid’s skis and take on the whole mountain, the Cochise Jr will arc groomers, float in pow and catch air with confidence. A wood core and full sidewalls make this a ski that will last season after season.

Other Blizzards floating about: Dakota, Magnum 8.0 Ti, Scout.


Cho Oyu: Super light carbon fiber ski with a Paulownia Speed Core. The Scoop Rockered tip offers up amazing soft snow performance and an 88mm waist provides the just-right width to work in pow and on spring corn.  We carry the matching pre-cut Dynafit skin as well.

Dhaulagiri: Paulownia wood makes it light, the rockered tip, 99mm width and subtly rockered tail make it float, and 3D carbon makes it stable enough to rip. Add the pre-cut Dynafit skin and you’re good to go.


FINDr 102: Bridging the gap between fat, floaty powder skis and super light mountaineering skis, the FINDr 102 is built to excel in all mountaineering conditions, from sweet pow to nasty morning crunch cookies.  Being a G3 it’s built to last with a full thickness base and edges (rare in touring skis) and a titanal mounting plate.

Synapse Carbon 101: Versatile dimensions and ridiculously light weight will steer this agile ski up and down any mountain you care to take on. Full carbon and Paulownia wood core with ABS sidewalls for grip, a tapered tip with plenty of rocker and a 101mm width for float.  We also carry the women’s version (the 101 ELLE) in 165cm.

ROAMr 100 and ROAMr 100 ELLE: Rip the resort in the morning, explore the backcountry in the afternoon.  Early rise tip and 100mm underfoot for float, Paulownia wood core for light weight and 2 layers of titanal for stability at speed.

Empire 115: In case you were wondering, this IS the ultimate backcountry powder ski.  Built light with a Paulownia wood core and triaxial carbon fiber, it’s stable and powerful too thanks to a layer of 7000 series titanal.

Stinger 78XCD: Lightweight, with an early rise tip width of 112 mm that give the 78 surprising float on powder days. The convenience of G3’s XCD fish-scale grip zone pattern built right into the base makes the Stinger your go-to ski for simplicity and speedy transitions.

Other G3s still in the store: Synapse Carbon 109.


Pinnacle 95: Wow! It’s hard to imagine a more stable ski at this all-mountain width that’s quicker edge to edge.  Light where it needs to be with an Aspen-Nanolite core, powerful on edge with a perfectly-place titanal layer.  Everyone that gets on this ski loves it!

Pinnacle 105: Big bro to the 95.

Marksman: Created by K2 Factory Team leader Pep Fujas, this 106mm wide big mountain terrain slasher dishes up an asymmetrical tip and tail to create a longer effective inside edge for enhanced stability, while the Marksman’s oversized taper on the outside predictably handles deep snow.

Press: Super fun, super affordable, the Press works both as a park ski and a super-durable all mountain ski for any level of skier. 85mm under foot, wood core, twin tip.

Remedy 102: A wide big-mountain, soft-snow oriented women’s ski, this one features K2’s All-Terrain-Rocker for plenty of float and a paulownia/aspen core to keep it light and lively.

Prior year’s skis we’ve still got in stock: Darkside, Sidestash, Amp 80 XTI, Amp Rictor 90 XTI, Potion 80 XTI Women’s system ski, Potion 84 XTI Women’s system ski, Luv Struck 80 Women’s system ski, Luv 75 Women’s system ski, Missdirected, Obsethed, Pettitor, Shreditor 120.


Apostle (AKA Apostle 105): For a ski that’s 105mm wide under foot the Apostle brings a lot of quickness to the party with its five point design, tapered tip and light-but-bomber construction. Fun, surfy and smeary in the powder but still stable enough to stir up big fun on the hard stuff, the Apostle is a shop favorite.

Apostle 98: A slimmed-down Apostle but with the same playful feel, double-thick edges and bomb-proof sidewalls.

Carbon Apostle: Same dimensions as the Apostle 105, same double-thick edges and killer sidewalls, but built carbon-light to be a crazy-fun backcountry slarver.

La Cabra: A backcountry carver? Oh yeah!  90mm under foot, with RMU’s Lumilite Carbon matrix, this ski rips in bounds, has just-right quantities of tip rocker to float backcountry pow and is built light enough to go uphill with the best of them.

North Shore 2.0: At 114mm under foot, the North Shore 2.0 feels like a big-mountain version of the Apostle. Fun and surfy, but happy at any speed in snow as deep as you can find.

Junia: A women’s version of the Apostle, with a width (95mm), weight and flex pattern designed specifically for women who want to make the whole mountain their own.


Soul 7 HD: The Soul 7 went from good to great this year, providing more stability, edge grip and power with addition of Rossi’s carbon alloy matrix. At 106 under foot with plenty of rocker and a tapered tip, it’s an all-mountain powder-lovin’ bag o fun.


QST 99: Successor to the well-loved Q98, the QST 99 takes a great ski and somehow makes it better. They’ve added titanium and something called Carbon Flax; not sure if that’s something you grow, dig out of the ground or mine on the moon, but whatever it is, it works!  This ski manages to be both quick edge to edge and no-speed-limit stable.  An ultra-light rockered tip gives it plenty of float for deep days as well.

QST Lumen 99: Women’s version of the QST 99 – slightly lighter construction and women’s specific mount-point.

QST 92: A narrower, lighter version of the QST 99. Just that much quicker at this width.

QST Lux 92: Women’s version of the QST 92.

QST 85: A narrower and more playful QST, this one with basalt fibers running the length of the ski to give it just the right level of stability. At under $400, an amazing ski for the money.

QST Myriad 85:  Women’s version of the QST 85.

MTN LAB:  A 114mm under foot, light and powerful touring ski. Honeycomb tip, rocker-camber-rocker profile, carbon/flax laminate.  With full sidewalls and a wood core, skis like an alpine powder ski, but floats uphill like nobody’s business.

MTN Explore 95:  Much like the MTN LAB, but narrower and lighter, with sidewall under foot and cap construction in the tip and tail for quickness. An amazingly light and capable touring ski, built with Carbon Flax, all at a super affordable price.

Other Salomons afloat in the store: Q98, Rocker II.


Vector:  At 96mm under foot, with a tapered rockered tip and a carbon/fiberglass blend the Vector’s DNA is pure backcountry. Light, solid and built in the US, the Vector flies up hill and charges down.

Vector BC:  Same as the Vector, but with a fish-scale base under foot. Perfect for rolling terrain and long approaches.

V6: Compared to the Vector, a little wider (100mm), a significantly bigger, floatier tip, and a little more soft-snow oriented.


RTM 84 UVO with Marker 12.0 FR Binding:  Camber under foot, tip and slight tail rocker and legendary Volkl carving performance. This ski absolutely rips, at speed, for the advanced to expert skier.  It’s super stable, but just wide enough for the occasional foray into the weeds.

V Werks Katana:  At 112mm under foot and full rocker, it floats. With Full Carbon Jacket and 3D.Ridge Carbon it’s amazingly light.  Being a Volkl, it holds an amazing edge in-bounds on hard snow.  Add a skin and a Marker Kingpin binding and it’s about the highest performing touring ski out there.

Mantra:  At 100mm, full sidewall, titanal plus a wood core, the Mantra remains the gold standard for all mountain skis. Remarkably easy skiing and floaty given how well it holds an edge.

Kendo: The Kendo has bumped up to 90mm under foot, giving it a little more float than prior versions. It’s got a full wood core, full sidewalls and an end-to-end titanal layer.  With rocker in the tip and tail but camber under foot, it’s the quicker, snappier little brother to the Mantra.

100Eight W: Being a 108mm under foot ski from Volkl, you’d expect a super-burly ski that only works for ex-racers.  But full rocker and light, 3D.Ridge carbon stringer construction combine to make remarkably quick, light and fun.

Kenja: With a 90mm waist, early taper in the tip, and the added maneuverability of tip and tail rocker, Volkl has created a super-popular women’s ski that combines awesome edge grip with quickness, light-weight and agility.

Yumi: SKI Magazine‘s 15-16 Ski of the Year, the Yumi is an all mountain freeride ski with a shape of 125-83-103. For female skiers who want to tackle the front and back side of the mountain on a light weight, yet stable ski that can handle anything – from bumps, to trees, to hard pack – the Yumi is an impressive new ride.


Ranger: The Whitedot Ranger is a versatile all-mountain ripper as well as a super-durable back-country touring machine. Chamonix guide-designed, at 108 wide the Ranger is ready for anything from powder or groomers inbounds, to the most demanding back-country line.  It’s built light and strong and comes equipped with a skin-clip friendly metal-reinforced tail.